Extensive Custom Hat Services

All of our hats are hand-made and custom built. We only use the finest materials, including our dyes, leathers, felts, and more. You'll be proud to wear a Law Dog Hat that reflects your personality and style.

Custom Hat Making

Our custom hat process is an in-depth procedure that ensures all of your wants and needs for your hat. We try to fit your personality into a style and theme that will be unique to your hat and your hat only.


We can reshape and resize to create a custom fit. This is a part of our refurbishing process as well.


We have different cleaning levels for different needs. Sometimes we do a surface clean just to keep your hat in its great condition. Other times we will need to do a deep clean to remove deeper stains.

Adding Features

We can add hat bands and ribbons, replace sweat bands, new linings, or add/replace bound edges.


We will bring the life back into an old worn hat. Just bring it in and we'll take a look at it.